Do you feel it too, this longing for something more in life?


If so, you’re not alone and I created Spirit First Studio to help you:


1.  Become more of who you really are & live in your own true nature.

2.  Design the soul-honoring, meaningful life you know you’re ready for.

3.  Lead your right life with calm, clarity, and confidence.


Because — you know it’s time to uncover your authentic self and

your life purpose — time to get free from whatever’s holding you

back — so you can start living the life you were born to live.


Spirit First:

A call to slow down and pay attention to the higher aspect of your nature, the spirit within, above all other voices.

An invitation to let that calm, clear voice guide you to your wisest choices and right life.

A movement toward harmony and wholeness — for you and the world around you.



A place where some form of creative art is studied, taught, and practiced.


Spirit First Studio, the Vision:

A safe place to delve into the art of personal growth. A soulful space where you can reconnect with your true nature and explore what holds meaning and purpose for you.

We gather here to:

  • absorb new learning,
  • stay inspired and in possibility,
  • find empathy and encouragement,
  • share the love and wisdom flowing through us all.

A warm community engaged in meaningful dialogue around themes of creativity, harmony, intention & choice, meaning & purpose, possibility, and self-understanding.


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